Our Story So Far


Call Ridge Roofing, Inc. has combined management, staff, and installers’ experience of about 40 years in all types of roofing. Specializing in 30-year shingle, Torch down, TPO, and metal replacement. We are pleased that together we will make your home more secure and will add more value to your home for less cost to you, the homeowner. We will always strive to provide the highest quality, providing electronic 2-way Worker on roofcommunication during the entire installation progression and as always proving our excellent reputation. We are fully insured with the State of Florida, have workmen’s compensation, and have a Florida State Certified License plus an OHSA safety experienced manager. Our installations always meet the new Florida standards for storm protection.

We at Call Ridge Roofing, Inc. fully understand, from our own experiences, that all roofs need replacement, for many reasons, and it has nothing to do with homeowners not needing or wanting a new roof. No, it was the homeowner being forced into a position with no idea how they were going to get a needed new roof. You, like us, experienced many common challenges like the ones below:
Insufficient money for a New Roof (let’s face it, installations are not an inexpensive project) Credit score may have dipped too low during these times to get approved for financing (we all face different challenges at different times)

Have no idea how to navigate my insurance company correctly. I have no idea what my company covers. (It is impossible to know how to navigate when you don’t know the rules) No extra money even if you did have a good credit score. (Many of us are temporarily on a restricted budget, which means choices become restricted)
Another challenge we see in Florida is homeowners, unknowingly, hiring a roofer who has no Worker’s Compensation or State License. This unfortunately leaves the homeowner completely exposed to lawsuits if someone gets hurt.

So, we researched, studied all those changes, and found some very affordable solutions for all those challenges. Even today we continue to find additional solutions. Call Ridge Roofing, Inc. has those successfully proven programs that truly allow us to say, “If we can’t get you a new roof,” NO ONE CAN!

Thank you for reading this message, we look forward to helping you navigate the roof that protects your family and is just one of the many costly investments of your life. We are ready, right now, to assist you. Most importantly it costs you nothing to Call Ridge Roofing to set an appointment, meet our staff and experience firsthand what our assistance can do for you! We service the entire Extended Great Tampa Bay Area. The seals below are only granted to roofing contractors that have demonstrated outstanding installations, workmanship, and quality client satisfaction.


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