Affordable help with credit no lower then 650

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My credit is at least 650 why are the finance company’s rates so high?

Credit scores are a key factor in determining a person’s ability to obtain loans and credit cards. A credit score is a measure of the risk someone poses to lenders. Lower scores mean higher risk and therefore a potential for less favorable loan terms or even rejection by a lender. In order to fix their credit, some people have turned to debt settlement companies, but there are many pitfalls associated with this option.

Unfortunately, not all finance companies are created equal.

We all have some sort of debt. Whether it be student loans, mortgages, business loans, or credit cards. One thing is for sure, not all creditors are created equal. Some offer better rates on interest, some offer lower monthly payments on credit cards, and some even let you pay off your debt for free or at a lower price! At Call Ridge Roofing we help people find the right creditor to help them with their financial needs.

Most Roofing companies carry finance companies that want you to have at least a 680 score (which, let’s be real, isn’t horrible) but those companies want to charge a minimum of 9.99% APR. Let’s face it, with that kind of score you have much better options. That is why here at Call Ridge Roofing we will never carry such companies. It just doesn’t make sense. Just as an example, we have programs that can offer you rates as low as 3.99% APR with no pre-payment penalty.


Facing tough times? Need a second chance to repair your credit score? Nearly all roofing companies carry finance companies that want to offer you loans and lines of credit, as long as you have a 680 score or higher. If you’re just starting to take control of your financial future, we’re here to help with affordable help with credit programs that comfortably meet your needs. We’ll even work with you on the best way to pay for it!


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