County specific programs

How Can We Help You Find A County Specific Program?

County Home Improvement Programs Available

County home improvement programs offer a lot of benefits, such as affordable roof replacement financing options that don’t break the bank.  They also allow for other energy-efficient upgrades that reduce your overall electric and utility costs.  Fortunately, the majority of our homeowners qualify for assistance regardless of income or credit score.

If you are not eligible for any other type of government aid, then these County specific Programs might be an option worth considering.

The Program That Helps Homeowners

Pasco is the only county that currently offers this program, even though it was once available throughout the State of Florida.

Program Criteria

Let’s face it: With the way property values are increasing in Florida we are hard-pressed to find a homeowner that does not qualify for this program. The only criteria required:

  1. Mortgage must be current and up to date.
  2. Property taxes must have been paid on time for the last 3 years.
  3. Cannot currently be in the midst of bankruptcy.
  4. Must have at least 10% Equity.

If you meet the above criteria, then the only question is: What color do you want installed on your New Roof?

This program is not available to every company. Contractors must be approved to offer this financing option. Call Ridge Roofing is qualified, verified, and approved!

For more information, contact Call Ridge Roofing to schedule an appointment so that we can come out and explain all options available for your home improvement needs.

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