Storm Damage Tampa FL

How Can We Help You

This has to be one of the most controversial subjects. This is strange for sure, If we are driving down the road and someone hits us we don’t even think twice about calling our insurance company, however, when it comes to homeowners insurance we are hesitant because of the potential ramifications of doing so!

The Governor actually Signed a new Bill in 2021 which does make it a little more difficult to help. Let’s face it a few bad apples hurt it for the rest of us. Being very well versed in this subject having done this for over a decade. We feel there is definitely information we can share with you that may help you through the process. Understand that we are NOT Public adjusters or attorneys so we have to say that this is just my opinion. Please also keep in mind that we are not licensed mechanics however I can tell you if your tires are low.

There is no doubt that homeowners insurance claims are some of the most controversial subjects out there. After all, when it comes to something as important as our homes, everyone seems to have an opinion. This can be especially true when it comes to insurance claims. Some people seem to think that insurance companies are always looking to avoid paying out claims, while others think that homeowners are always looking to take advantage of the system. In reality, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Homeowners insurance is a vital part of any homeowner’s protection. It can help to cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding a home if it is damaged by a covered event, like a fire or storm. However, making a homeowners insurance claim can be a hassle. Here are some tips to make the process as smooth as possible.


  1. Have your property inspected by a reputable Contractor that understands storm losses and what it looks like.
    1. The last thing you want to do is file a frivolous claim with your insurance company.
  2. If the contractor tells you to file the claim without even inspecting the damage DO NOT GO WITH THEM!
    1. There are some contractors that have a business model of “file everything and see what sticks” This does NOT help you!
  3. Ask the contractor that if you file and they deny the claim what happens next?
    1. If their answer is: We will give you a price on replacing your roof DO NOT GO WITH THEM!
    2. With us, if your claim gets denied then we will have either a Public adjuster or a law firm help you with this. If we say there is enough damage then we mean it and you should be compensated for the covered loss.



There truly is a lot to know about this subject and we will be more than happy to come out inspect your roof and go over your options the whole way through.